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Pilar corporation

Established in 2004, Pilar Corporation was once known as Pilar Construction, a construction company that later evolved into the real estate development and management that it is today. In order to increase the benefit we can offer, we grow continuously and integrate our businesses into a holding company. Our executive alongside our partners are committed to realizing the ambition of becoming the best property developer. 

The Logo Pilar Corporation is a strong representation of the spirituality, bonds and closeness of a creature to God so that we keep remembered what we are doing is not just creating a place for life but also a sort of duty between the creature and its creator.


Becoming the best property development company in realizing maximum values and benefits for stakeholders in a sustainable manner

  • Strengthening the Company’s Position with the Power of Vision and Values
  • Developing high-quality, professional and prosperous Human Resources in accordance with company’s values and culture
  • Developing beneficial and high-value products to consumers by applying the principles of good corporate governance and always making continuous improvements
  • Establish strategic cooperation and ensure maximum return of investment for business partners
  • Developing a conducive work environment in order to inspire motivation and provide comfortability for all employees to work professionally
Behind Pilar Corporation

Meet Our Management

Everything we build has to be useful for everyone as our responsibility to god and best service to you

Imam Teguh Saptono
President Commisioner

Indonesian citizens. Received his Doctorate in Agribusiness and Institutional Economics Concentration from IPB University. He has served as Deputy Chairman Executive of BWI since 2017, he has also been active in running a number of waqf companies including President Director of Trihamas Syariah Finance since 2019, Commissioner of PT Cipta Pilar Persada since 2019, Co-founder and Commissioner of Rakamin Digital Academy since 2020. Previously, he was Vice President Corporate Secretary of Permata Bank in 2005-2007, Compliance Director of BNI Syariah in 2010-2012, Business Director of BNI Syariah in 2013-2015, and President Director of the BNI Syariah in 2016-2017. Furthermore, he served as a lecturer at the IPB Business School for Master and Doctoral degrees in the fields of Strategic Management and Syariah Risk Management. Besides, he is also a management and strategy consultant in a number of banks, associate-producer of several prestigious films, author of books, and also manager of 212 Cooperative.

Jurist Efrida Robbyantono

Indonesian citizens. Received his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the Sebelas Maret University in Surakarta. He previously served as Project Manager of PT Adhi Realty d/h PT Adhi Karya Jakarta in 1996-2004. Commissioner of the Badan Wakaf Indonesia from 2014 to 2020 as Head of the Management and Empowerment Division. Besides serving as Chairman of Pilar Corporation, his also Head of Real Estate and Commercial Affairs at developer of settlements and people's housing group called HIMPERRA, Chairman of the Muslim Network Entrepreneur of Indonesia called JPMI, and Manager of Ikatan Dai Indonesia (IKADI) in the Division of Economic Development.

Lukman Hakim Jauhari

Indonesian citizens. Received his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the Surabaya Institute of Technology in 1988 and has a non-formal education including Advanced Management Workshop, HATHI VIII Annual Meeting, Minaut Indonesia Workshop. He served as Director of Pilar Corporation since 2009, previously he was Director of Operations of Pillar Corporation in 2005-2009, Site Manager of Batang Gadis III in 1989-1991, Deputy Head of Central Unit of A2B Unit in 2001-2002, Head of Monitoring/Evaluation in 2002-2004, Head of Purchasing Determination Unit in 2004-2005, PT Jaya Kontruksi MP in 1989-2005 and Director of PT Sarana Jaya Manggala Utama in 2002- 2005. He also served as Project Leader in several constructions in 1991-2001.

Teguh Faizal Afwa

Indonesian citizens. Received his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Diponogoro University Semarang in 2008. He has been the Director of PT Pilar Alam Property since 2020 and the Finance Manager of the Cordova Edupartment Semarang Project at PT Cipta Pilar Persada since 2018. Previously, he held the positions of Site Engineer for multiple construction projects at PT Housing Development (Persero) Tbk from 2008 to 2012, Junior Manager of Procurement and Fixed Assets from 2012 to 2017, and Property Project Planning Manager at PT BNI Syariah from 2017 to 2018.

Arief Budi Hartono

Indonesian citizens. He led business development for PT. Cipta Pilar Persada. In his previous experiences, he held the following positions: Business Development Manager at PT. Raine & Horne Indonesia, an international property agent and consultant affiliated with the Duta Anggada Group from 2000 to 2002; Senior Marketing & Sales Manager at PT. Asia Pacific Pratama, an ASPAC Group developer of Bogor Raya Lake from 1993 to 2000; International Property Agent and Consultant Member of Panin Group from 2003 to 2005; Senior Manager at PT. Kilap Propertindo, which developed Bekasi Square Mall from 2005 to 2010; Business Development Director at PT. Bina Inti Sarana Semesta in 2010 to 2015; Director of PT. Citra Mitra Lestari Utama which developed Mountain Park Residence Bogor in 2015 to 2016; President Director of PT. Andalan Energi Mandiri in 2013 to 2016; Vice President for Project Marketing at PT. Ray Weston Indonesia; and Assistant for Franchise Recruitment Manager at PT. Home 21 Realty.

Widarto Surya Rahardja

Indonesian citizens. He has more than 28 years of experience in the world of hotel and other property services. Previously, he was a Training, Sales, and Account Manager at PT ISS International (PMA/Denmark) in 2000-2005. Then he became Chief Operating Officer of PT Hygienis Environmental Service in 2006-2009. He also served as General Manager at Belleza Permata Verde belonging to PT Gapura Prima Group which is managed by PT Prima Buana Internusa who is a member of Agung Podomoro Group. After that he became General Manager of Operations of PT Management District Building in 2014 to 2017. He also served as General Manager of Operations at Cowell Development in 2018 to 2019.

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